The Q Movement

Real estate is a crowded industry that’s extremely competitive, which makes standing out from the rest all the more difficult as the years go by. It can also be tremendously risky, as the housing market experiences surges and recessions that all affect an agent’s ability to make their goals and keep their income stable. For those with a passion for the industry and a love for working with people, however, real estate is an amazing opportunity to help grow their communities and help make people’s dreams of homeownership come true.

It’s that wonderful balance of love for people and for their community that made Tara and Norman Quirion such a natural fit for opening Q Realty in 2017, creating a brand new type of brokerage for the Clarksville area that uses a set-fee structure rather than the traditional sales percentages. “We believe that we are in a relationship business, which fosters an enormous amount of trust. Q’s agents trust in the strength and support that the company provides, and our clients trust us to do our very best for them,” says Tara, proudly noting that, since opening, Q has consistently held a top placement in the Clarksville-Montgomery County market share.

Tara & Norman Quirion, Q Realty

“One of the things that has really contributed to our impact in the real estate industry is that Q makes every effort possible to be a strong backbone for each and every agent without costing them an unreasonable amount, offering a low cap with no penalty even if they don’t happen to cap,” she explains. “The structure isn’t based on percentages; instead, we have a set-fee structure. Q believes that, with the growth of technology through such platforms as Zillow and Google and the ability for anyone to own their own website, the need for the franchise name—and the fees that come with it—is a poor investment. We’ve found that there is a need for a strong brokerage without the added franchise fees, and those agents can find a home with Q Realty.”

Clearly, their structural strategy has worked; and over the past two years, they’ve experienced explosive growth in their flagship Clarksville office, with the addition of a newly built state-of-the art location offering even more room for the expanded reach they anticipate. Designed by Lyle Cook of Martin Architectural Firm, the new offices are a point of pride that Q Realty believes will only extend their reach and further their success at the top of their field. “There are approximately 1100 agents in the local CAR association. We have approximately 80 of those agents, which tells me that we have room for growth. Q’s overall goal is to be the best it can be; to always be hungry; to work smarter, not harder; to work hard and play hard; to always be good, solid stewards of the community; and to continue to grow,” says Tara. “I believe that what sets us apart is our deep love for and commitment to our community. We are not a franchise that is owned by executives outside of the community,” she goes on. “We support our community…” And that community supports them.

Story by Liesel Schmidt + Photography by Andes Oliver and submitted by Q Realty


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