The Kennedy Law Firm Legal Internship Program

Story + Photography by Tony Centonze

Cody & Lucy Chilcutt, Kevin Kennedy, Sonja Chilcutt, Gary Rankhorn

Kevin Kennedy and his team recently hosted the annual Kennedy Law Firm legal internship program, a week of mentoring for local students that gives them an inside look at our legal system.

“We've been doing this over 20 years,” Kennedy said. “Students from all the area high schools and colleges are interviewed, and some are selected for the program.”

During the week-long program, participants are exposed to local judges, district attorneys and lawyers, a real behind-the-scenes look.

“It's been fun and fascinating,” Kennedy said. “This is really the cream of the crop from our local school system. We get to see into their world, a glimpse of what's going on with this generation. It's a wonderful bridge, and it brings a message of hope to the entire community.”

Kennedy says, it's mentoring. Most of the time young people only get to see the legal profession on television, they never get to see or hear from the real people.

“There are 39 in this year's group, and it has been a pleasure working with them,” Kennedy said. “It also makes you realize how fast life goes by. We are really marking history. Every year, so many of the interns from this program go on to great things. We get news that they have graduated law school or medical school, or have become CEO's. This program is not just about lawyers, it's about success, and becoming business owners and community leaders.”




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