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Tabernacle Annual Gala

Story + Photography by Tony Centonze

Tabernacle Christian School recently hosted its 13th Annual Gala inside the Hope Fellowship Hall at First Baptist Church with a performance from special guest Buddy Greene.

"This event is to let our community know that we are still carrying on our mission at Tabernacle Christian School," Servella Terry said. "This was a fundraiser for the school, and we had such a large turnout this year. I thank God for them reaching out and wanting to see what's happening on the hill."

"Our principal and many of our students and faculty planned the evening event. I'm just taking a backseat right now.” Mrs. Terry praises the work of TCS Principal Patricia Miller.

“This was a special night for us," Miller said. "It was our 13th anniversary gala for TCS. We celebrated the school, our donors, and our sponsors. Everyone is so gracious throughout the year. This was another opportunity for us to reach out and make our name known in the community and, let everyone know of the good work that goes on at Tabernacle Christian School. On September 7th, the school will celebrate 20 years that the doors have been open."

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