Q Realty + The Aspire Clarksville Foundation

Story & Photography by Tony Centonze

About 20 members of the Q Realty team recently attended a presentation by Jeff Truitt, Clarksville-Montgomery County's Economic Development Council CEO, during which he discussed the ongoing work of the Aspire Clarksville Foundation.

“In addition to my other duties, I am also the Director of the Aspire Clarksville Foundation, which has been around for about 30 years. It is one of the reasons our community has been so unbelievably successful in our industrial recruitment as well as a lot of our retail recruitment,” Truitt said. “I'm glad you're here today. This is a presentation that I'm happy to share with anyone who is interested.”

Truitt explained that the 501 (c) (3) Charitable Foundation was organized by community leaders who came together realizing that some funds were needed that were somewhat free of limitations, not tied to governmental red tape, and not ear-marked for specific projects.

“The Foundation has just begun its 6th 5-year campaign,” Truitt said. “There were about 60 local investors for Aspire 5, which raised about $4 million. The goal for Aspire 6 is $4.5 million. The Foundation is governed by its board of directors and a steering committee, which are made up of the investors.”

Truitt went on to explain how the Foundation's flexibility allows them to respond very quickly to real-world business and industry recruitment opportunities. He also said that much of the work that is done occurs outside Clarksville and Montgomery County.

“You don't see a lot of the work that's done promoting our community because it's done in other communities,” Truitt said. “Those are Aspire-funded efforts designed to keep driving Clarksville-Montgomery County's outstanding growth.”