NWA Official Pre-Show Event

Tried-N-True Pro Wrestling

Jax Dane, David Arquette, Billy Corgan & Anthony Mayweather
Jax Dane, David Arquette, Billy Corgan & Anthony Mayweather

Clarksville garnered nationwide attention recently when the National Wrestling Alliance, now led by Billy Corgan, teamed with Tried-N-True Pro Wrestling to bring its first-ever Pop Up event to Clarksville.

Eric Lehman, David Arquette
Eric Lehman, David Arquette

The weekend kicked off with a Pre-Show event at Pinnacle Family Entertainment Center, which included photo opportunities, a meet and greet session, and a press conference.

“We are so excited to be hosting this event here in Clarksville,” Eric Lehman said. “NWA is doing this event in conjunction with Tried-N-True Pro Wrestling, which is principally owned by Clarksville's own Anthony Mayweather aka Crimson. And, we have so much talent, you can't even believe it.”

On the bill for the weekend, Nick Aldis, NWA World Champion had his title up for grabs. Female wrestler Jazz defended her title, as well as Willie Mack, the current United States Champion.

“In addition to all that Tried-N-True's Samuel Shaw is defending against Crazzy Steve, the War Kings, Crimson and Jax, have a big match too,” Lehman said. “There is just a lot going on this weekend, and to top it all, Billy Corgan, the lead singer of Smashing Pumpkins, purchased the NWA last October. So we're happy to announce that he is here this week participating in all the events and shows.

“David Arquette, the famous actor and movie star is here too. Arquette is also a professional wrestler, and he will be competing this weekend in a 'hair match' against Jocephus.”

More information about Tried-N-True Pro Wrestling's upcoming events can be found online at www.triedntruepro.com.

Story + Photography by Tony Centonze


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