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Mission: Mortgage (Veterans United Home Loans)

More than anyone, perhaps, veterans know the importance of feeling at home—of finding that one special place that becomes a touchstone and an anchor. But with frequent changes of duty stations, coupled with the often all-too-stretched finances they face, many members of the military—both those actively serving as well as those no longer in uniform—are met with challenges when it comes time to buy a home. Far too often, these men and women who have given so much of themselves find that their hopes of homeownership are just out of reach; but Veterans United Home Loans breaks the mold by doing exactly what every mortgage lender should be doing: thanking them for their service by serving them back.

It’s that very mindset that is at the heart of every branch of Veterans United across the U.S.; and when they considered opening a location in the Clarksville/Ft. Campbell area, they found their perfect representatives in a team of local mortgage lenders who were already carrying out that mission of serving the military. In 2011 when they were presented with the opportunity to become the Veterans United Home Loans Tennessee Branch, the call of duty was too strong to ignore.

Amanda Dusenberry

Having worked in nearly every department of the mortgage industry and boasting more than 25 years of experience, added to the fact that she herself is the granddaughter of a veteran, the daughter of a veteran, and the spouse of a veteran, Amanda Dusenberry understands the particular challenges military members and families face and has a heart to help them as well as the knowledge needed to secure them the financing assistance they need.

“Veterans United Home Loans has a strong set of values that underpins everything we do and every interaction we have. We strive to be the best mortgage provider and to be recognized as a valuable and unique resource for military homebuyers and their families and remain an influential and inspirational figure in the community." - Amanda Dusenberry

“Our values are easy to remember, and every team member knows them by heart: to be passionate and have fun, to deliver results with integrity, and to enhance lives every day. Living those values out consistently is our main objective.” And that mission is clearly being carried out successfully, as Veterans United is the nation’s #1 VA lender, having closed the most VA loans in the nation in 2018.

“We want everyone who does business with us to come away feeling like they’ve had the best experience possible; and because many on our staff have personal ties to the military, we have a sincere appreciation and respect for the active duty members, veterans, and military families with whom we work.” And that’s a call of duty worthy of answering.



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