McKenzie & Smiley Engaged Couple

Paulina + Robbie

Story by Liesel Schmidt | Photography by JGL Photography

They say that the strongest love starts in friendship, and that couldn’t be more true for Robbie Wilson and Paulina Masser, who met in high school but stayed in the “friend zone” for ten years before taking their relationship to the next level. And, having realized that theirs was a forever-kind-of-love, they’d already formed an unbreakable bond and created a family of their own when they took a walk that changed their lives forever.

“We’d had a little argument that morning, and, being 16 weeks pregnant at the time, I was a little on the overly emotional side,” recalls Paulina, a Century 21 Platinum Properties real estate agent. “We went to church for Easter Sunday service, then to lunch before going home; and because I was not only running on pregnancy hormones but am also stubborn by nature, neither of us spoke very much during that whole period of time. Once we got home, though, we talked and smoothed things over. Some crying may have been involved…” she admits with a laugh.

“Afterwards, I convinced Robbie to go on a walk with me and our dog, Annie, to the park in our neighborhood. It’s a special spot for the two of us; and while we were walking hand-in-hand, I joked, ‘My pregnancy app sent me an article about dealing with stress during pregnancy, and the first thing it said was to dump your annoying boyfriend.’ We both laughed, and then he said, ‘Well, maybe you should dump your boyfriend and get a husband!’ Before I could respond, I realized he’d stopped walking and was down on one knee with a beautiful ring!”

A lover of simple things, the ring Robbie gave Paulina was a round-cut diamond set in white gold, with smaller diamonds running down each side of the band. “The ring is just perfect—it’s simple, with a twist of dazzle to it that looks amazing when the light hits it.”

For Robbie, the owner of Alpha Moving & Storage, the selection at McKenzie & Smiley Jewelers was ideal, and he knew that he’d find the perfect ring for his perfect match. “They have wonderful pieces, and they’re the best place in town for high quality jewelry and fantastic service,” he says.