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Mayor Joe Pitts Oath of Office Ceremony

Mayor Joe & Cynthia Pitts
Mayor Joe & Cynthia Pitts

Clarksville's newly elected Mayor, Joe Pitts, was sworn in by Gen. Sessions and Juvenile Court Judge Tim Barnes at a ceremony inside the Wilma Rudolph Event Center on January 2, 2019.

After taking his oath, Mayor Pitts then had the honor of swearing in three new City Council members - Stacey Streetman, Ward 10; Travis Holleman, Ward 7; and Vondell Richmond, Ward 2.

Rob Rayburn of the City of Clarksville estimates that a crowd of more than 600 came out to the event to see Mayor Pitts officially begin his term as Mayor of Clarksville. The parking lot was overflowing and some groups were bused in for the event.

Ward 5 City Councilman, David Allen was named Mayor Pro-tem at the ceremony.

Mayor Pitts spent several minutes recognizing his friends and supporters in the audience, whom he thanked for their support throughout the process. He then assured the audience that his actual speech would be a much shorter endeavor, and it was.

Mayor Pitts promised, new and improved relations with the Montgomery County Commission, continued support for Fort Campbell and our military residents, and a Mayor who will not only lead, but listen.

Story + Photography by Tony Centonze


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