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Map The Market

Map The Market with Chief Portfolio Strategist, Nick Lacy

Carson Griffith, Rachel Bracy-Piech, LaDonna Dowdy, Nina Suggs & Danielle Landers

The offices of Dowdy Financial Group, and Struble & Zimmer, recently teamed up to offer a very special informational event for their investment clients, which they hosted at Clarksville's Hilton Garden Inn.

Ladonna Dowdy, President/Owner of Dowdy Financial Group, spoke about her business, the current state of the stock market, and the importance of planning for retirement.

“I've been doing this in Clarksville since 1994,” Dowdy said. “Dowdy Financial Group was established on December 7, 2012. We do financial planning, and investments, especially as part of a retirement plan. Our goal is for all our customers to be able to retire comfortably, so we help with 401Ks etc.”

The featured speaker for Tuesday's event was Nick Lacy, Chief Portfolio Strategist for Raymond James, one of the top 10 financial services firms in the world.

“Raymond James is a big outfit,” Dowdy said. “We had Mr. Lacy's counterpart, Jeff Saut, here a couple of years ago to talk about the market, and tonight we have Nick Lacy and Michael Hayman addressing about 75 of our clients. They did a presentation in Nashville earlier today, and we feel blessed to have them here with us tonight.”

Dowdy sees the recent drop in the stock market as a 'correction'.

“We are on the edge of a 'bear market',” Dowdy said. “But, we see this as a great buying opportunity. The timing of Lacy's visit is perfect, what with all the recent market volatility. Tonight, they will talk about what happened last year in the market, what they think will happen in the coming year, based on the charting, and how we can be better able to tell our clients what to be prepared for. That is always our goal.”

Dowdy Financial Group is located at 1202 Madison Street. Call (931) 919-0947 for more information. Strubel & Zimmer Financial Management Group is located at 2540 Madison Street. Call (931) 410-3030 for more information.

Story + Photography by Tony Centonze


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