Making History at The Germantown Inn

Story by Liesel Schmidt | Photos Courtesy of The Germantown Inn

Though hailed as one of Nashville’s newest boutique inns, the Germantown Inn isn’t exactly new. In fact, it’s pretty old. So old, in fact, that it qualifies as a historic site, having been built in the mid 1800s, when the country—and the South—was in such turmoil and the future seemed uncertain. That fact, in itself, makes the inn remarkable, a site to see on the tour routes of guides walking their charges through the streets of the city while they spout data and cite stories that seem so far in the past that we can hardly imagine them being real. But real they are, and this converted two-story Federal-style home that now lives its life as the Germantown Inn is undeniable proof of that, a palpable, brick-and-mortar reminder of what once was balanced with the possibility of what is to come.

One of the oldest buildings in the historic Nashville neighborhood of Germantown, the residence once belonged to H. H. Wallman, a prominent shoemaker for the city's elite citizens. As such, it became known in the neighborhood as The Wallman House. After being purchased in December 2015, renovations to convert the property began in April of 2016. Eight months later, the doors were open and Germantown Inn welcomed its first guests.

The vision was clear from the outset, and it has served them well in remaining successful. “Our superior level of service is something that many hotels don’t offer, and our luxury accommodations are exceptional,” says General Manager J.P. Dansereau. In this day and age of so much sameness, where one can wake up in a hotel that bears no uniqueness or distinction from another—regardless of where it might be in the world—that’s something that people appreciate and seek out.

And uniqeness is something that Germantown Inn has in spades. Now in its new role as a luxury boutique inn, the property’s charming red brick exterior; lush outdoor courtyard; carriage house; and chic, private rooftop terrace with magnificent views of the neighborhood and surrounding downtown area create the perfect place for guests to relax and enjoy their stay in one of the inn’s ten suites. Each bearing the name of a US president, the Jackson, Monroe, Jefferson, Madison, Polk, and Buchanan suites in the main house are part of a bespoke experience not often found in modern hotels, each designed with pieces of vintage and custom furniture that reflect the beauty and original charm of the property at the same time as they offer a distinct degree of elegance, sophistication, and luxury that give guests a truly unique experience. Continuing that dedication to refinement, suites in the Carriage House bear the same attention to detail and design, though their namesakes are prominent women of history including Adams, Parks, Roosevelt, and Anthony.

Guests receive complimentary parking, breakfast, and a welcome reception, ensuring the highest level of convenience and consideration. All rooms feature en-suite private baths, high ceilings, massive windows, and—of course—something that no floor plan or building design can convey: personal service of a caliber that harkens to days gone by. And the amenities? A few things you certainly wouldn’t find in the early years of the building’s existence, among them flat-screen TVs, Frette linens, Turkish towels, hairdryers, and LATHER skincare and hair care products. The rooms are even “smart,” powered by Alexa. Down to the last detail, the staff at Germantown Inn ensures that every moment of your stay is as comfortable and unforgettable as possible, even going so far as to provide two plush Chadsworth & Hag bathrobes and slippers to wear while you relax in your personal historic haven.

Granted, that history has a few question marks about when exactly the home was built. But whether you believe that it was built pre-Civil War or just as the war was coming to an end, there is still an undeniable appeal about the history every brick holds, with stories echoed in every corner and whispered from every wall. It’s that very thing that makes it so special and draws guests in, giving it timeless appeal in the midst of the many luxury hotels that hold a monopoly on the market.

So, too, does that distinctive romanticism make it such a highly sought venue for hosting an event. Weddings, corporate retreats and meetings, and various celebrations are all brought to another level when hosted in one of the inn’s four unique areas, from the sunlit seating of the Parlor or the beautiful intimacy of the green space offered by the Courtyard Terrace to the backdrop of the exposed brick walls in the Solarium and breathtaking views afforded by the Rooftop Veranda. Regardless of which option best suits your event, the Germantown offers their special touches of service, elegance, luxury, and one-of-a-kind historic charm that make every moment seem all the more special.

From check-in to check-out, the Germantown Inn offers everything one could hope to see in an historic inn, complete with a level of service from days gone by.

The Germantown Inn is located at 1218 6th Avenue North, Nashville, Tennessee 37208. For more information, call (615) 581-1218 or visit