Loaves & Fishes Groundbreaking Ceremony

Story + Photography by Tony Centonze

Loaves & Fishes recently held an official groundbreaking ceremony at a 6-acre site on Crossland Avenue that will be home to its new 14,000 square foot facility. Dozens came out to show their support for the $1.5 million project that will greatly increase the charitable organization's ability to serve its mission, providing food and other services to the homeless and less-fortunate in the community.

Loaves & Fishes Board Chair Tamara Long said, “who would have thought 36 years ago, that this mission would be going and growing like it is? Right now, we have been at 1st Presbyterian Church nearly 20 years, and we have outgrown that space. We had to come up with a new location, preferably our own, which will give us more flexibility for the things we want to do as we move forward.”

The new facility provides more space, will make the operation more efficient, and will allow for additional services, for which Long is excited.

“We will be able to expand all our missions,” Long said. “Under one roof, we will have warehousing, distribution, human services, and meals. We are not going away from meals. Serving food is what we do. So, that and sharing food with other organizations won't change.

“Adding more human services will be the big change. Programs like Showers of Love, Blessing Bags, and more. We look forward to partnering with different groups, so we're not just food focused.”

To donate to Loaves & Fishes, visit www.loavesfishescampaign.org




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