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Kara & John

In A Band of Love

John & Kara Foster at Burdoc Farms
John & Kara Foster at Burdoc Farms

Being in the college band might be considered a bit geeky by some, but for Kara Golladay and John Foster, being band geeks was what initially brought them together. And after the two met as bandmates in Murray State University’s Racer band, they became sweethearts whose futures seemed destined to last well past the last notes they played on the field.

Having taken a trip to Garden of the Gods in Illinois in June of 2017 to explore their famous trails and embark on a new adventure together, it could have been an unnerving situation that derailed anyone’s plans for romance when the pair had to hit up a trail that was more secluded than the trail they’d planned on hiking. But rather than getting truly off track, they enjoyed the unexpected romance of it all, and John seized the opportunity to take a knee and propose—though not before the 24-year-old electrician short-circuited and temporarily lost his words.

When the question finally came, it was met with a “Yes!” and eighteen months later on December 1, 2018, Kara walked down the aisle at Burdoc Farms wearing a white long-sleeved chiffon A-line dress with lace accents to meet her groom at the altar while friends from Murray State played softly in the background. “When we went to look at the venue, I absolutely fell in love with it!,” says Kara, a 24-year-old nursing assistant. “It was rustic and so picturesque, and I knew the beautiful land would make a great background for all of our pictures.”

After exchanging their vows, the newlyweds celebrated with their guests at their reception, dining on an array that included ham, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, macaroni and cheese, and rolls—“comfort food!” laughs Kara. Feasting done, the dance floor was kept busy by the talented DJs of Songbird before the newly-joined Fosters cut into their strawberry and vanilla wedding cake, later heading off into the night as former bandmates turned soulmates playing together in a song called life.


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