Janice + Matt

McKenzie & Smiley Jewelers Engaged Couple of the Month

Story by Liesel Schmidt

Photography by JGL Photography

It wasn’t animal attraction or immediate sparks that started Janice Nunn and Matt Clark’s love story, but rather the organic tenderness and respect born of friendship that slowly changed into real chemistry and romance. Having met through mutual friends, both were in relationships at the time; but when fate stepped in and they found themselves single, their group hangouts turned into one-on-one outings that eventually led to dating.

It didn’t take long for the couple to realize they had more than just a passing thing, and three months in, Matt took Janice to McKenzie & Smiley to choose a ring. “We really liked that they’re a local business, and we’ve only ever heard great things about them,” says 25 year-old Janice, whose left hand now boasts the sparkle of a unique, flower-shaped ring. “Once we saw the quality of their rings, we fell in love.”

Having chosen her ring, Janice knew what was coming next—she just didn’t know WHEN. And while the anticipation might have seemed almost too much, it was a mere three months later that Matt put an end to all the waiting when he took her on a trip to the Nashville Zoo. “We both love animals, so when he planned a trip there and told me to buy an outfit for that weekend, I knew it was going to be special,” Janice recalls. “I absolutely love flamingos, and I thought he was going to propose in front of their exhibit. We got to the flamingos…and nothing happened! I was a little disappointed as we continued to walk through each exhibit; but then he took me to an area in front of the rhinos, and that’s where he proposed.” Now planning an August 14 wedding in Jamaica, Janice and Matt are taking inspiration from the rhino and charging into a life together.

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