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Clarksville, Montgomery County has grown as one of the “premier” destinations to live and has proven to hold true to its title. A foundation of strong community values, mixed with a willingness to give back, have truly shown why Clarksville is such an extraordinary city. For years, Clarksville has continued to add to its already impressive list of local non-profits; so much so, that one organization, in particular, has taken notice of their positive impacts and decided to take it upon themselves to reach out their hands in support.

Since the organization’s inception in 2002, the Veterans United Foundation, the charitable arm of Veterans United Home Loans, has recognized the importance of showcasing unwavering commitment in order to enhance lives every day. They have a long history of giving back to their local communities, and the Clarksville branch is no exception. Within the last year, the Clarksville Veterans United Foundation has donated $288.5 thousand to local charities and non-profit organizations and aims to increase that number in the coming year.

Veterans United branch manager, Amanda Dusenberry shared, “Our employees at Veterans United Home Loans have the opportunity to donate 1% of their income to the foundation if they choose to do so, and our owners match their donations dollar for dollar. All money donated was from our locally funded Veterans United Foundation. We gave each employee here at Veterans United Home Loans the opportunity to suggest a non-profit to donate to, which would be 30 different charities! As you can see below, there are only 21 listed so we still have at least 9 more to go!”

Dusenberry added, “We hope that these donations will help the charities and the people that receive help from them; while also bringing local awareness of charities and organizations that people may not be aware of yet. Clarksville is such a tight-knit, supportive community, and once they are aware of a need or mission people tend to jump in to help and support.”

Meet The Non-Profits They Were Able To Help

Fort Campbell Fisher House ($10,000) Located just two minutes from Blanchfield Army Community Hospital, Fisher House provides lodging to families of patients receiving care from the hospital. Their goal is to make their guests feel comfortable, secure, at home, and like part of the family during their stay.

American Mobility Project ($5,000) The American Mobility Project was founded in 2019 with the purpose to provide mobility and adaptive equipment, and resources, to those living with disabilities. They believe it is their duty to provide this equipment to a community that deserves as much independence and dignity as the resources in bountiful America can provide.

American Cancer Society ($10,000) The American Cancer Society is the all-stop shop for cancer information and resources. They do everything from hosting local fundraising events to providing local cancer support programs. Montgomery County Angel Fund ($1,500) Founders David and Tracie Hogan started the Angel Fund in the hopes to benefit the animals at local animal control centers. Their goal is to assist animals with injuries and/or special needs with vetting or other services. They do this to prepare animals for rescue or adoption.

F.U.E.L. ($10,000) F.U.E.L. ministry is a local food subsidization program designed to feed children whose food sources are limited. They relieve hunger in school-aged children, specifically, to enhance their spiritual, physical, and emotional health; ultimately leading to increased academic performance, and ultimately higher graduation rates.

Assisting Communities Together (ACT) ($25,000) ACT works with community partners to spread awareness of a need for foster families within the community. They hold an annual event to assist in recruiting local foster parents, as well as provide resources to help agencies within our community. Working closely with the Tennessee Department of Children Services in Montgomery County, ACT provides food, clothing, housing, bedding, and any other identified needs of children within our community, particularly those at risk of entering state care.

Humane Society ($10,000) The Humane Society has been an intricate part of Clarksville’s community since 1968. Their main focus is to be proactive by providing programs and services to better serve the animals within the local community.

Reboot Recovery ($5,000) Co-Founders Evan and Jenny Owens built Reboot Recovery after meeting with soldiers at Fort Campbell and saw the need for trauma healing and guidance. Their programs include a blend of clinical insight and Christian faith-based support, for those struggling from traumatic experiences to heal.

United Way of Greater Clarksville ($25,000) United Way mobilizes partners from throughout Houston, Montgomery, and Stewart Counties and the Fort Campbell area in a “united” effort to identify and respond to our community’s most critical needs. UWGCR advocates for the education, health and financial stability of citizens in our community.

the lives of children struggling with terminal illnesses. They are inspired to grant life-changing wishes for children due to their one core belief, “A wish experience can be a game-changer for a child with a critical illness.”

Operation Stand Down ($10,000) Operation Stand Down Tennessee provides and connects Veterans and their families with comprehensive resources focused on transition, employment, housing, benefits, peer engagement, volunteerism and connection to the community. OSDTN’s mission is to Engage. Equip. Empower.

Operation Home Front ($10,000) Operation Home Front is a national non-profit whose mission is to build strong, stable, and secure military families that thrive in the communities they worked so hard to protect. They offer financial assistance, transitional housing programs, and many more wonderful services.

Meals On Wheels ($10,000) Officially founded in 1974, Meals on Wheels was introduced to aid senior individuals in becoming more self-sufficient. They provide services that work toward improving the health, well-being, and economic opportunities of people who may need critical support and/or an immediate need.

Hope Pregnancy Center ($10,000) Hope Pregnancy Center is a local resource committed to providing accurate information and quality services to women, and couples, facing an unexpected pregnancy. They understand that there are several options one can make under the circumstances, and they desire to give information and space for those who need to make a comfortable long-term decision.

Judy’s Hope Foundation ($40,000) Judy’s Hope assists women and children who have left an abusive environment and are ready to heal and grow. They do so by following the five-phase program that Judy’s Hope has implemented; Regroup, Renew, Rebuild, Rejoice, Reinvest. Each of the phases is designed to tackle individual struggles through the development of healthy emotional and spiritual habits.

YAIPak Outreach ($20,000) YAIPak Outreach was formed to provide aid and support for the local under-resourced community through acts of kindness. They aim to meet those that are neglected, hurting, or afflicted where they are to provide support, comfort, and resources to promote positive life changes and remind them that they are loved and important.

Radical Mission ($10,000) Radical Mission is an organization in Clarksville Tennessee that seeks to address the root causes of poverty, injustice, and broken relationships by working to train and mobilize the community into life-changing relationships. They do this by partnering with other non-profit organizations and hosting various events showcasing the services and resources they provide. They strive to change the lives of those in our society and create a ripple effect in our area that drives others to live compassionately and help their fellow man.

Working Dogs for Vets ($12,000) Founded in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, Working Dogs for Vets is the nation’s largest service dog provider. Their mission is to provide service dogs and training to disabled heroes in need, empowering them as they return to civilian life with newfound independence.

Butterfly Moments Inc ($10,000) Butterfly Moments Inc is a local women’s addiction recovery home. They are a faith-based recovery facility that provides transitional housing and an addiction recovery program, while also assisting in finding permanent homes for the women who are ready to venture on a new journey.

Haven 12:10 Animal Sanctuary ($5,000) Haven 12:10 Animal Sanctuary Inc is a nonprofit animal welfare, rescue, and educational organization that specializes in the rescue, rehabilitation, rehoming, and residency of animals. Their goal is to increase societal awareness of the animal neglect and abuse that pervades our area and increase knowledge of what is involved in caring for a pet in reference to time, environmental and financial commitments.

Manna Café ($10,000) Manna Café found its way to Clarksville to provide flood disaster relief in 2010. What started as a simple outdoor meal of 35 guests, blossomed into a 4 meal per-week service, with peak attendance at 200+people. Their goal is to continue expansion to eliminate food insecurity within Montgomery County.

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