Gentleman's Profile: Ryan Bowie

A lover of the arts from his earliest memories, Ryan Bowie isn’t just a theatre buff—he’s someone who’s following his bliss and proving that life is the greatest stage of all…We just have to find the roles we’re meant to play.

Encouraged by his parents to be creative and hone the natural talents that they saw in him, Bowie began enrolling in acting and dance classes as well as taking voice lessons while he was in kindergarten. “My parents have always been incredibly supportive in helping me reach my goals and explore my dreams to the fullest,” he says.

As he got older, Bowie’s path in life became more and more clear; and so he pursued a career in the only thing that would make him feel fulfilled: theatre. Knowing that education was key, however, he didn’t just pack up and head for the bright lights of Broadway without a plan. Instead, he received a BS in Music: Vocal Performance; a BS in Theatre: Acting; and minors in both Business and French, putting in the work that would lay the foundation for a fully realized career.

Over the course of the next few years, Bowie was living the dream as a stage actor based in New York, traveling the country as part of theatre productions that proved with each dimming of the houselights that he was exactly where he was supposed to be. And when one of his performances brought him to the stage at Clarksville’s iconic Roxy Regional Theatre in 2010, he found that that sense of belonging meant he’d found his home stage—one that he never wanted to leave. “I was bitten by the Clarksville bug; and the Roxy was definitely part of that,” Bowie recalls.

His work has certainly been noticed, and Bowie was recently awarded The George Mabry Award through the Center of Excellence for the Creative Arts, which is presented individuals who have made a significant impact on arts and culture in Montgomery County through philanthropy, leadership, or direct involvement or have advanced arts and culture through innovative work beneficial to the arts in Montgomery County. “I’m sincerely humbled to receive this award; but I feel the award really goes to my incredible staff, the talented professional actors we bring in each season, and the Roxy’s patrons. Without them, my position would not exist; and I’m grateful to be able to do what I love every day,” says Bowie. For this theater buff, this is a role he loves to play, and it’s earning him a standing ovation.