Gentleman's Profile: Anthony Mayweather

“I’ve torn the ACL and meniscus in my right knee, suffered a few concussions, tore the pectoris major right off of the front of my shoulder, and have a bulged L5 and S1.”

Knowing that Anthony Mayweather spent five years in the Army and served in Iraq, you might assume that he’d suffered those injuries in a war zone. But that laundry list of battle wounds isn’t from actual battle in the field; it’s from the kind of battle waged in the ring, one-on-one, hand-to hand. Mano a mano. For Anthony “Crimson” Mayweather, these are reminders that he’s pursuing the dreams he first had as a child, when Hulk Holgan ruled the ring and wrestled his way into the hearts of so many boys all across the country.

“I’ve always loved professional wrestling. Some of my earliest memories are of being in front of the TV as a young child, watching larger-than-life superheroes like Hulk Hogan jumping out of the TV at me, telling me to ‘say my prayers, eat my vitamins, and train hard;’ and that if I did that, I could accomplish anything,” he says. And now, as a pro wrestler, event promoter, and owner of a wrestling school, 34 year-old Mayweather is proving his idol right.

The story of how he got to this place, impressively muscled and boasting championship titles as well as running his own wrestling mini-empire, is an interesting one, to be sure. It’s also incredibly inspiring, even if you’re not a fan of wrestling, because it proves that sometimes daring to dream pays off—and that you’re never too old to make your childhood wishes come true.

“During my second deployment to Iraq, some of my friends and I would order wrestling DVDs and watch them on our down time,” he recalls. “It was during the end of that deployment that they convinced me that I should try it out when we got back from Iraq. They knew my time in the Army was coming to an end after that deployment, and I knew that I wanted to pursue that dream, and that there was no better time to make it happen.”

And make it happen, he did, establishing the Tried-N-True brand and running his first live professional wrestling event in 2015. Three years later in 2018, he opened the Tried-N-True Academy, where students could learn pro wrestling tactics and maneuvers to perfect their skills.




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