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Fieldstone Place Easter Egg Hunt

Story + Photography by Shona Leah

Greyson, Wyatt & Deelan Whitehead

Eager Easter egg hunters gathered at Fieldstone Place with baskets in hand in anticipation of what has become a yearly event for the community. Fieldstone residents looked on as children ages 2-10 searched high and low, filling their baskets with the colors of Springtime.

Activity Director, Chesney Lancaster, donned her bunny ears as the children excitedly searched for the over 1,400 eggs that were donated for the event. Hidden among the chairs and tables were also 14 golden eggs, winning the lucky finders a special basket filled with goodies!

Ghent Heisinger, standing with his mother, Jessica, peered into his basket and exclaimed, “I got all of them,” when asked how many eggs he found. The smiles certainly weren’t hidden, as they shone brightly on faces of the young and the young at heart.

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