DIY: Terra Cotta Planter

Think OUTSIDE the planter

Use even the smallest area to create a unique planter with terra cotta pots. If you’ve got an afternoon, you’ve got all the time you need to bring in some color to your front entryway.


  1. 3 terra cotta pots (graduated sizes)

  2. Acrylic paint (2 colors)

  3. Potting soil

  4. Small plants or flowers (prepotted)


  1. Fill the largest pot 3/4 way with potting soil. Place the pot of the next smallest size in the center. Arrange small flowers and plants around the rim, then remove them each from their individual pots and plant them in the soil. Fill in around the plants and the smaller pot with more soil. Repeat the process in the next pot to create tiers, then use the smallest pot at the top and plant with a larger plant with interesting height and texture.

  2. Use the acrylic paint to paint your house number or last name on the largest pot.