CYP Spotlight: Landon Streit

Story by Liesel Schmidt | Photography by Landon Streit + Gary Giaffoglione

Chances are, if you round up a handful of people in a room and ask them all what they do for a living, you’ll hear the answers you’d expect: doctor, lawyer, teacher, banker, retail employee, waitstaff…Ask 33 year-old Landon Streit what he does everyday, however, and he’ll tell you he builds bridges. And he’s not talking about the kind you build with Legos. He’s talking real-deal bridges that stretch from one expanse of land to another, impossibly uniting the two with structures that seem to defy all logic in their precise engineering and complex construction.

A project manager for Jensen Construction Company for the past ten years, Streit graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Construction Engineering before taking his position with the company, which specializes in building bridges over major waterways, focusing largely on areas from Texas to the Dakaotas. In his work, Streit has traveled all across the Midwest and has been living in Clarksville since the beginning of 2018. “I really enjoy the variety of people I get to work with in my job,” he says. “Regardless of whether they’re extremely educated people with advanced degrees or never finished high school, I’ve had the opportunity to work with extremely talented individuals that are highly skilled in what they do.”

Since making Clarksville his new community, he’s been immersing himself in the local culture, hiking and exploring the outdoors, and—having quite the hobby for making his own beer and wine—testing out some of the local breweries and wineries. Clearly, he knows how to balance work and play; and as he becomes more a part of the framework of the local business community, he’s learned the importance of building relationships with his fellow community members and how those relationships can bridge so many divides.

“Being new to town, I felt that getting involved with Clarksville Young Professionals would be especially beneficial in helping me expand my social circle as well as in making some business contacts,” he says. “I also feel that my involvement could help others in CYP, because transportation is such an important component of economic development, no matter where you live. Being able to bring news and updates about the ways transportation is evolving to the group is something that I feel can add value to my fellow members in the work that they do, how they live their lives, and how they see the future of the community.”

“I think involvement with CYP is important because business is so relationship-oriented,” Streit goes on. “If you can make new contacts, or improve existing ones, it will only serve to help you and community in some way.”




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