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CYP Spotlight: Emily Medvecky

Story by Liesel Schmidt

Photography by Bri Photography + Mackenzie Camille Photography

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in America, with countless men and women forging out on their own to begin a new venture that utilizes their passion and talent. It’s a hard road, to be sure, but an inspiring one when it proves successful. And that success often depends on having the right start, the financial means to water the seed of a dream that has been planted—which is where business lenders like Emily Medvecky have their own opportunity to play a key role in opening those doors and giving entrepreneurs the chance to thrive.

A lifelong citizen of Clarksville, Medvecky’s family has had a long history in Montgomery County that spans five generations, instilling in her a deep love for the community and giving her a connection that fuels her passion to see it prosper. Having entered the banking world in 2003 after graduating APSU, Medvecky went on to become a Business Loan Credit Analyst before becoming a Business Lender for Altra Federal Credit Union in 2014.

“I love our community and appreciate the growth it has experienced over the past few years,” says the 38 year-old wife and mother of two, who also volunteers at the Clarksville Association for Down Syndrome. “I don’t have the grit to be an entrepreneur myself, so my own way of playing a small role in helping turn these awesome business ideas from dream to reality is what makes me passionate about my work. I’m also gifted with opportunities to share in many community activities that really showcase the fact that we have amazingly talented people living right here in Clarksville. These are exciting times for our community!”

Meeting many of them through her position at Altra, she also has the opportunity to connect with the business community through her membership at Clarksville Young Professionals. “CYP really allows people of varying backgrounds to come together and share the common thread of learning how to grow as individuals and as rising leaders. Each month provides a new opportunity for individuals to showcase their expertise to a room full of smart, energized, and ambitious people,” Medvecky says. “It’s a wonderful way to connect with others and gain some personal insights from local experts. I’ve personally gained a wealth of information about our community, how to grow professionally, and how to connect with others through my time with CYP.” Turning dreams into reality isn’t always possible; but Medvecky is a woman determined to make it happen.

It is the mission of Clarksville Young Professionals to create a platform for Young Professionals to build relationships, develop professionally, become politically and philanthropically active and contribute to the economic development and high quality of living in our community.

Clarksville Young Professionals is dedicated to the advancement of our community through community service, professional development and networking opportunities for the emerging business and community leaders ages 21-45.

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