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Curb (Appeal) Your Enthusiasm

As you probably already know, the front of your house and the landscaping in your front yard is crucial to creating curb appeal. It’s real estate 101, right? Really, it’s the first impression you make on anyone who walks by your property or visits your home. And while you may think that doing the bare minimum to slide on by without attracting much notice is good enough to coast through the year, incorporating a few simple ideas with a bit of intentional landscape design can transform your ordinary property into something truly stunning. Curb appeal? You so got this!

You don’t have to have a truly bonafide front porch to add those same kinds of accents and details to the front area of your home. Use walkways as an opportunity to add in some interest and line them with potted plants and flowers that come in different shapes, sizes, textures, and color. Love a color story? Think about working from darkest shade to lightest with each pot down the path to create an ombre effect.

Clustering plants is also a great idea. Whether you’re planting them in actual garden beds near the entryway or using potted greenery and flowers, use height to your advantage. Use pots and planters of different height to create a staggered look, but also work with plants of different stature. Use the tallest plantings in the back, then slowly work your way down to lower and lower heights so that all of them get their share of time in the limelight.

Love creepers? Try putting a few touches like climbing plants around porch columns or along the railings of any steps that you have. They’ll grow in fuller throughout the year and look amazing when they’ve reached peak growing season, and it’s a great way to bring a lot of bang without a lot of bucks. If you’ve got existing flowerbeds in your front yard, set them off with complementary pops of color by hanging potted flowers from the awning; and if your home has a formal feel, place sculptural topiaries on each side of the doorway. Whatever you do, stay true to your own style. After all, your home is an expression of what you love—and expressing that is when curb appeal is at its best.


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