In the latter half of 2020, Maid in America Cleaning Services got its start- as a military-owned joint venture. Spawned from the desire to serve the community in which they have grown to love, and cherish, Co-Owners Devin and Shelby Ramos decided they wanted to contribute to Clarksville in any capacity possible. With that simple goal in mind, Maid in America was born.

Moving to Clarksville in 2014 due to the military, Devin and Shelby knew Clarksville was something special. The sense of community they found here was truly indescribable. Due to their positive experiences, they both wanted to give back all the love and support they received by opening a cleaning service aimed at making everyday life a little easier- and a WHOLE lot cleaner.

“We want to serve OUR community. Clarksville is our home. We have been here since 2014 and have begun to raise a family here, build everlasting relationships and contribute to this amazing city,” Devin explained. “We offer a variety of cleaning services to you; Standard cleans, deep cleans, construction cleans, and moving cleans all directed at lessening the burden of having a dirty office or home.” 

Due to the abundant support throughout Clarksville, Maid in America has officially moved into an office space that they can call home. Now located at 1860 Wilma Rudolph Blvd STE 105B, Maid in America is hopeful for what the future has in store for them here in Clarksville. They plan to continue in their efforts to humbly serve their current and future, customers, as they embark on this new journey of growth and expansion.

Devin said, “We understand the mental health benefits of a clean environment. A clean home or office can uplift your mood, heighten your focus and help you find the calm throughout the chaos of everyday life. Therefore, it is our mission to give back to our community through our specialty--cleaning. One of our core functions is providing free cleans to those families in need. Quarterly, we ask for public nominations and then serve those families with a clean for free. We have an ambitious goal of serving 52 families a year!”

“Though I am the Managing Director, Shelby Ramos, my wife, and our Marketing Director, is just as responsible for our vision. This is just as much her company as it is mine. Neither one of us would be able to do this without the other,” Devin continued. “We are grateful for the customers that have given us a chance, helped us grow, and provided an opportunity for us to improve our craft. We are also grateful for our wonderful employees that have contributed so much already and continue to be the most committed to providing the highest quality cleans. We’d like to thank VIP Clarksville for recognizing us and look forward to many years of service within our community.”