Bowen Combative Arts Academy Soldier Christmas Dinner

Joe & Kristyn Merwin
Joe & Kristyn Merwin

Donnie and Michelle Bowen of Bowen Combative Arts Academy recently held a Soldier Christmas Dinner at Restoration House in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. The event was free for soldiers and their families, and it included live entertainment, dinner, games and prizes.

“This is the third year we have held our annual Solider Christmas Dinner for soldiers and/or military families,” said Michelle Bowen. “It's just a fun way to get these families together and show them our support.”

The Bowens provide much of their support through Battleground Perazim. The name was inspired by a Bible story depicting David's second battle.

“We look at what a lot of soldiers and their families are going through,” Bowen said. “For them, it's very much like a second battle that is fought after their soldier comes back from war. So we help these families with housing and shouldering the wounds of war. We help them deal with combat stress. We're there for them if their car breaks down, or if their house is hit by a tornado.”

The group also helps with smaller needs like childcare to free the parents for appointments. On average, Battleground Perazime offers assistance to about a dozen families each year. We want to say thanks to the good people at Restoration House for opening their doors and helping with this event as well as the folks from Mission Force, and everyone who helps us help others.”

For more information or to become involved with Battleground Perazim, the Bowens may be reached at

Story + Photography by Lucas Ryan Chambers


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