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BizVets.Biz Launch Party

Story + Photography by Tony Centonze

Eric Scheidler, Dave Hiner, Doris Besses, Tim Shank, John Hamric

BizVets.Biz held its first networking get-together recently, with about 50 of its business partners on-hand to meet each other, and learn about the exciting professional relationships this new organization is forging.

“We are trying to connect veterans, veteran-owned businesses, and veteran-friendly businesses in the community,” organizer, Tim Shank said. “We started about a year and a half ago, working with the Montgomery County Veterans Coalition, trying to bring together the businesses they work with and the homeless or unemployed veterans in need.”

Shank says, they eventually conducted a sort of focus group, asking veterans in the community what they wanted to see. The answer; veterans want to work with other veterans in a business situation. They want to know of local veteran-owned businesses where they could get a tire fixed, or a new roof installed. They wanted a network.

“We couldn't find anything like this,” Shank said. “So, we decided to create a system where we can promote these folks using the internet. Then, we found that many of these businesses needed help with essential services, lawyers, marketing and business experts. Now, we've partnered with about a dozen key businesses, like accounting services, credit card processors, the Tennessee Small Business Development Center, and F&M Bank.

“Our goal is to help these businesses become successful, by reaching their markets. We want them to grow, not fail. That's what this is all about.”

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