Bearded Villains Beard Competition

Hosted by Appleton Harley-Davidson

Story + Photography by Tony Centonze

Travis Beecham, Jason McKinney, Ryan Stevenson

Bearded Villains recently hosted a family-friendly beard competition at Appleton's Harley-Davidson, featuring competitors in five categories, including Kids Creative Beard.

About 15 brave bearded souls signed up for a chance to win plaques and prizes, most grew their own beards, the kid contestants had to be a bit more creative.

John Pennington, aka 'Johnny P.', is a local barber, and member of the Tennessee Chapter of Bearded Villains, BVTN. He acted as host for the event, and presented awards to the top three competitors in each category. The overall winner was Jason McKinney. This year's youngest winner was MaKenna Moore, whose beard was made of artificial flowers and butterflies.

“We have chapters all over the world, including Asia, the Middle East, Russia etc.,” Pennington said. “I have Steel Horse Traditional Barber Shop which is located right behind Appleton's. We opened our business in January, and celebrated today with a grand opening event.”

Pennington says it takes time, commitment and a little money to maintain a beard properly. He sees the current resurgence in beard popularity is much more than a trend.

“We had about 15 competing today,” Pennington said. “As far as I know, this is Clarksville's first beard competition. I've been trying to get one started for years, and I'm very happy with today's turnout. I would like to mention that Bearded Villains is very supportive of the Adult Congenital Heart Association (ACHA), and we urge everyone to join us in September at Centennial Park for the 'Walk for 1 in 100'.”

More information on Bearded Villains can be found on Facebook at Bearded Villains Tennessee. Information on ACHA can be found at




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