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Be Like Mike

Story by Liesel Schmidt

In a competitive field like real estate, it can be a hard road to set yourself apart and stand out from everyone else whose impressively constructed profiles and websites float freely in the limitless space of the Internet, their smiles luminous and alluring as they wordlessly encourage us to trust them and hire them to guide us along in our journey. THEY will help us sell. THEY will find us the home of our dreams. They ALONE are the perfect match for whatever hopes and needs we have. It’s a hard sell, but to garner the success you need as an agent, it’s a deal that you have to close before you ever get the listing papers signed or the contract secured. And it takes believing in your work, growing your passion, and living as the person you present yourself to be to become a Realtor whose name is trusted.

It also takes a unique type of personality—someone with problem-solving skills and patience. Someone with determination. Someone with the ability to really hear and listen to their clients and deliver exactly what they need. You have to have your finger on the pulse of the market and your ear to the ground. And for Q Realty’s resident Affiliate Broker/New Construction Business Development Coordinator Michael Langley, that’s exactly what he brings to the table.

“One of the things that makes me most effective and really has made me successful in this field is listening. I listen, listen, listen to what my clients want and do extensive research to find homes that meet their needs.” -Mike

Langley served 12 years with the Marine Corps before getting into real estate. “I have a five home average, which means that my clients usually choose a home after I’ve only shown them five because I’ve done my job and listened. In many cases, I only have to show them one before they fall in love and make an offer.”

It’s an impressive track record, especially when the mere idea of looking for homes often leaves us envisioning endless treks through houses all over town in search of some elusive, unicorn-like property that fits our every hope and dream. But Langley’s approach clearly works in proving that the dreams can be fulfilled, and that’s one of the things that keeps him most passionate. “I love working with someone that never thought home ownership was possible and being there on closing day, handing them the keys to their new home,” Langley says. “I got into this industry because I love making complex situations simple and working with clients to achieve home ownership.”

Langley isn’t just the man who helps find his clients homes, however. His skills are far more inclusive of other aspects of real estate than one might imagine, selling as well as buying and even offering something you don’t find on every Realtor’s resume: expertise in construction. The owner of a home renovation company, he specializes in home renovations and small home repairs, two things that are often needed to achieve full market value on homes that his clients are listing.

“I work with not only large real estate investors, but also first-time investors as well as first-time and seasoned home buyers; and I want to offer all-inclusive service for my clients,” Langley continues. “If they need a new roof or a window installed before we go on the market, my renovation company can take care of it, and my clients don’t have to worry that it will be done correctly. I truly want them to be completely taken care of through the entire process.”

In addition to his work as a “Q-ster,” as team members at Q Realty are called, and his duties at his home renovation company, Langley also teaches real estate investment classes once a month, imparting his knowledge to help others achieve success. Granted, all work and no play makes for a dull life; but as someone who approaches everything with the same determination, Langley’s “play” time makes his life anything but dull. A fitness junkie who loves working out with his wife, Amanda, and spending time with his sons Mason and Brady, Langley was ranked first in the entire state of Hawaii for open-ocean canoe racing in 2012 and won a Southern Powerlifting Federation sanctioned competition in Spring Hill, Tennessee, last year—both clear representations of his dedication to a goal. One goal left to cross off his list? Finishing his hours to qualify for his private pilot’s license. And if history is anything to go by, this is one man who gets the job done.

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