Baby Goats at The Food Initiative Farm

Story + Photography by Shona Leah

What’s cuter than kids on the farm? You know, the furry kind that bleat! Michael and Regina Hampton with The Food Initiative invited the community to meet their baby Myotonic (Tennesse Fainting) goats. At the gate, blue foot-covers were passed out to protect the animals, including pigs and chickens, from harmful off-site bacteria.

Visitors of all ages, mingled in the barnyard like Benjamin Garland, with mother, Melinda, who waited patiently for his chance to pet the goats and predicted “...they will be soft, but it’s so windy!” Others were familiar with the farm scene, like Maddox Jackson, who has 3 goats at home and Patricia Wilkinson, from Loaves and Fishes. Jan Claud looked at home holding baby goat, Rosie, who is bottle fed 3 times a day. Owner Regina Hampton said that the goat’s mother was spooked while giving birth to twins, Rosie and Maggie, and she didn’t bond with her firstborn. “We named the twins after flowers,” said Regina.