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Amity Salon: Glowing Skin is In Event

Madeline Hamlin, Melanie Wojnarek, Tonya DeRose, Stacey Trinkle, Morgan Atkins & Camille Leath

Amity Salon, located in Downtown Clarksville, recently hosted a different type of event at which Amity's professionals and clients were provided the latest information on skin care.

“We are hosting our first skin care event called Glowing Skin is In,” said Amity Salon owner Tonya DeRose .“The women who attended this event got a quick test to help determine which skin type they are, and then we sent them to the appropriate station so they could learn how to take care of their particular skin type.”

Aveda Territory Manager, Patti Bankston, was on-site to answer questions and make product recommendations.

“Patti oversees the Nashville / Middle Tennessee area,” DeRose said. “She is an educator on skin care and will make sure our guests get all the information they need. We will also be talking about foods and beverages that are good or bad for different skin types. The wrong items can inflame your skin. So we are really taking a holistic approach to the subject of skin care.”

Amity Salon is located at 55 N. 1st Street, Clarksville, Tennessee. For information on upcoming events or to make an appointment, call (931) 368-3033, or visit their website at

Story & Photography by Tony Centonze


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