Amity Salon 1st Anniversary

Story + Photography by Tony Centonze

Morgan Atkins, Melanie Wojnarek, Kat Aquino, Stacey Trinkle, Tonya DeRose, Anna-Jane Lewis, Carrie Hughes, Camille Leath

Amity Salon recently celebrated its 1st Anniversary, and like everything Tonya DeRose and her team do, there was warmth and style, and a feeling of community.

The business opened in 2018 with a mission; “to make customer service our top priority, … have the best and brightest team available, … continuously strive to leave a lasting impression by creating a professional yet warm atmosphere.”

“I'm pretty proud and excited to be celebrating one year,” DeRose said. “It has been a lot of work, but it has been totally worth it. We are busier than ever. I finally have my team exactly as I had envisioned, and I think this next year is going to be amazing.”

DeRose says that her customers can expect more of the same from Amity, a continued focus on community and customer.

“Our customers can expect more community work from us,” DeRose said. “We just finished up Project Prom, and we will start our next project soon. And, of course. we will continue with our special events. We did one on skincare recently, and we are looking at a makeup class next. So, we want people to know, they can always expect a great experience here at Amity.

“I'm so incredibly thankful, and overwhelmed by the love we get from this community. That is exactly what 'amity' is about. It's what the name means. The support we've gotten from downtown and the entire community, this wouldn't have been possible without everyone who has been so kind to us.”

For more information about Amity Salon, visit, or give them a call (931) 368-3033.