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American Pride Fitness & Boxing Turns One!

American Pride Fitness and Boxing Academy reached a milestone recently that called for a celebration.

Music and good food was served in honor of our 1-year anniversary,” said Pride's Kelvin Garcia. “We also had some local vendors on hand. We are a small business, and we try to keep the love going with other small business owners.”

Garcia is well known in the community, which led to an unusual business-funding model. He had been coaching and teaching boxing in the area for a long time. When this opportunity arose, parents and others were quick to donate and show their support.

“We are a veteran-owned business,” Garcia said. “We opened this business without any loans. This business was made possible by community donations. We raised more than $60,000 to open this gym. Currently there are about 350 members this first year.”

American Pride offers Junior boxing and Youth boxing programs, accommodating students ages 6 and up. å boxing and fitness classes are also offered. Garcia says there is something available for everyone. He and his team help his students compete in amateur boxing events as well.

American Pride Fitness and Boxing Academy is located at 2019 Fort Campbell Blvd. For more information, email, or call

(931) 542-2880.

Story & Photography by Tony Centonze


For more images from this local VIP event, and many others, please visit our digital issue here.

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