A Heart at Home: Featuring Reda Home Builders

There’s an age-old saying that home is where the heart is, and for Rick Reda, the statement is a literal one—in more ways than one. A former Army brat whose childhood could have easily meant a transient life bouncing from base to base as his father’s career progressed, Reda settled into a more stable life, setting down roots and feeling a sense of belonging as the community of Clarksville became more than just a duty station. It became a home that he would never want to leave.

Throughout the early years of his childhood and into his youth, Reda’s family grew more and more ingrained in the community: his mother as a small business owner whose kitchen skills gave her restaurant a reputation for fabulous food, his father a dedicated Army officer whose character taught his son the importance of sacrifice and service. And as childish youth and immaturity gave way to the responsibilities of adulthood and a determination not only to make something of his own life, but also of the lives around him in the community he loved, Reda dedicated his career to working for the city—first as a streets worker, then as a firefighter—before pursuing the path of a business owner by opening a car dealership in 1998.

Over the past 20 years, Rick Reda Auto Sales has proven itself quite the success; and while he could easily have rested on that accomplishment, the opportunity to break into the home building market was far too inspiring—and exciting—for him to pass up. “I’ve always been driven to succeed and open to learning as much as I can in business, and I was willing to take a chance on building new businesses,” he says of his decision to establish Reda Home Builders in 2009, later moving on to open Rick Reda Homes in 2013.

The choice to create homes for his clients was a decision that resonated both professionally and personally, as he has learned over the years the deep connection that a home holds. In fact, his parents still live in the very same home that has been in his family since he was a child—and it’s that investment, both emotionally and financially, that Reda feels the quality of his own homes reflect. “I really take pride in my work and want to build the best quality homes I can,” he says.

“This is the biggest, most important investment that many families can make, so my greatest goal is to build a home that is well built and made to last for generations into the future. I try to put special touches throughout each home to set RHB apart from the rest, and I build every home like it’s my own.” Not an easy task, when the number of homes has climbed into the 800s; but the satisfaction he still feels even after all these years and all these houses is what drives him to maintain that standard of work. “I love seeing the smiles on a family’s face when they purchase one of my homes and knowing that what we’ve built here is helping make a difference in someone’s life.”

Naturally, part of building any successful business in the community is feeding back into that community, and Reda has long made it a mission to do just that, actively participating in various organizations and giving financial support to numerous charities throughout Clarksville and the surrounding areas. “I’ve seen many friends fall on hard times, so when I have the means to help an organization or an individual cause, I love being able to do that.”

Clearly, Reda’s heart is at home, building the beauty of the place that he loves one home—and one cause—at a time.

Story by Liesel Schmidt

Photography by Josh Vaughn + Courtesy of Reda Home Builders