2nd Annual Grits & Gravy

Hosted by Manna Cafe

Story + Photography by Tony Centonze

Melody Morris, Vicki & Kenny York

Manna Cafe recently held its 2nd Annual Grits & Gravy at The Belle Hollow, a relaxed fundraiser that features breakfast food for dinner.

“Tonight is our annual Grits & Gravy,” Manna Cafe Director Kenny York said. “It's also the 9-year anniversary of us serving our first meal in Clarksville. That happened on May 6, 2010. So, this is a two-fold celebration. We celebrate our birthday, and we try to raise a little money at the same time.”

Last year's event was a big success, and this year was no different. “We're very happy with how this has developed,” York said. “It's a fun event. For a couple of years we held this in the morning, then it occurred to us that everybody likes breakfast for supper, so we thought we would make it an evening event. Everybody really seems to enjoy it.”

York says, it's taking some time to get the new location ready, and the need to raise money is ongoing.

“We have to keep striving to raise the money for this project,” York said. “But, God is providing. And, we hope to open the first building sometime this summer. Last year, we distributed 2,000,000 pounds of food and served 20,000 people. With the new facility, we can do even more.

“We can bring in other agencies, and not only give them a food box, but help them with case work. We can offer church services, and a celebrate recovery program, those types of things. The kind of help they need, so they may not need to come to us for a food box in the future.”




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