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It's Christmas Time in the Theater

From the first strains of the festive hymns to the last words of beloved plays, they are ingrained in our memories, part of the fabric of what makes the Christmas season such a magical time filled with joy and wonder. But how much more amazing is the experience of hearing – and seeing – it all brought to life before our very eyes?

It’s one of the very things that makes stage productions such an enchanting, captivating event to behold, from dancers whose every move is choreographed to be effortlessly graceful to words perfectly delivered to pluck the strings of our hearts. And as a prominent part of the cultural scene in downtown Clarksville since 1983 when an abandoned movie house was renovated to become a thriving live stage production theater, Roxy Regional Theatre has become a part of the Christmas tradition for expectant audiences looking for that bit of holiday magic that nothing like a play can provide.

Complete with their own seasonal list of productions presented by talented teams of choreographers, directors, and actors as well as through the sponsorship of various local organizations, the Roxy’s highly anticipated shows come with their fair share of excitement, commanding ticket sales that prove that – even in this age of virtual reality and over-produced computer-generated special effects – seeing live productions presented on the stage still holds an undeniable appeal.

“Historic Downtown Clarksville is a magical place to be during the holiday season, and here at the Roxy Regional Theatre, we have a wide range of offerings to keep you entertained all season long” says Executive Director Ryan Bowie. “Meridith Willson’s Miracle on 34th Street is a musical version of the beloved film that is perfect for all ages, and A Tuna Christmas is a great date night for something a little lighter and a little more raunchy. Our Planters Bank Presents Film Series will also show The Polar Express, Disney's A Christmas Carol, and It's A Wonderful Life throughout the month of December. If the lights are shining on the newly restored marquee, we would love to see you and your family during our festive holiday season!”

Clearly, the theater is alive and well, a festive place to welcome the season and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the shopping and preparations and – let’s face it – stresses of the holidays. For even just a few hours, we get to sit in a darkened expanse whose ordinariness is transformed into another world by lighting and set dressings, taken to another time and another place where stories come to life and remind us to take a moment and savor the season. To take in the sights and the sounds and find our excitement again. And while the houselights are down and the lines are spoken, we sit in hushed awe as a story we know becomes somehow new again, becoming even more deeply rooted into our hearts as we – and everyone around us – allow ourselves to be swept up with expectation like children waiting for Santa Claus.

Roxy Regional Theatre is located at 100 Franklin Street, Clarksville, TN 37040. For more information about show times and ticket prices, call (931) 645-7699 or visit

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