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Gracious Me! Holiday Open House

Gracious Me recently held its annual Christmas Open House with an expansive selection of gifts and decorations that took shoppers on a trip down memory lane.

Sherry Calhoun is the owner of Gracious Me. “We celebrate our Christmas Open House during the first weekend of November each year, and this year's theme was Vintage Hopkinsville," said Calhoun.

The hallways were decorated with photos depicting Hopkinsville's rich history. To carry out the theme, Calhoun borrowed Crusader, a mechanical horse that many will remember from the old Cayce-Yost department store. Crusader sits next to a Christmas tree decorated with vintage toys.

“I remember riding Crusader when I was a child,” Calhoun said. “And we have lots of old toys on the tree. It feels really nostalgic. This is the time when people start their holiday shopping, and we want to help them kick off the season with joy. So we have complimentary gift wrapping, we gave away free ornaments, and everyone could try some delicious samples including our to-die-for sugar cookies.”

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