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December CYP Spotlight: David Fitch

While being an accountant comes with the requisite expectation projected by the public at large that anyone holding the title is boring and colorless, 31-year-old David Fitch holds the position proudly, proving with his approach—and outgoing personality—that being an egghead is anything but dull. It’s the variation in clients, in fact, that keeps the former Chicago-area native passionate about his work, as he loves to get in deep with everyone whose finances he works on, creating a personal bond with them that extends further than the numbers he types into spreadsheets and financial software.

“Above all in my work, I love helping my clients,” Fitch says. “I get to work with both individuals and businesses, and helping them comply with state and federal requirements; operate more efficiently and securely; and ultimately save money provides me a great sense of satisfaction and purpose. I also really enjoy getting to know clients with a variety of different backgrounds and utilizing that knowledge to help other clients with their needs. Being a trusted source of advice and knowing that my clients feel confident in my abilities is also extremely rewarding.”

A member of the Clarksville community for the past nine years, Fitch may be a transplant from the colder climes and bigger-city feel of his hometown in Illinois; but it’s the people and the energy of his new home that has charmed him and given him the drive to become a part of what’s making the community thrive and grow. A key component of that is, naturally, widening his network within the business community; and so Fitch has become an active member of Clarksville Young Professionals in order to keep himself at the top of his game.

“I’ve been a member of CYP for well over a year now, and I’ve gotten to know several individuals—some of which I work with personally now. But more importantly, I look forward to growing with them professionally here in the community and contributing to the advancement of Clarksville’s business environment,” says Fitch, a CPA at Stone, Rudolph & Henry, PLC. “In addition to meeting peers in various professions, CYP offers insight into different businesses and topics each month that is very valuable and provides an avenue for volunteering our time on a fairly regular basis to great causes. One of the best ways to advance your career is to develop relationships in the community in which you work, and CYP is an excellent opportunity to do just that.”

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