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Clarksville Young Professionals 10th Anniversary Celebration

F&M Bank's Franklin Room was the site of a recent meeting of Clarksville Young Professionals, who celebrated the organization's 10thanniversary.

Founding members Stacey Streetman and Frazier Allen were on hand as well as long-time sponsor David Smith of DBS Engineering and Melinda Shepard and Jay Albertia of the Clarksville Chamber of Commerce.

“In the beginning, our goal was to fill a void,” Streetman said. “We knew that a time was coming when many of Clarksville's business and civic leaders would be stepping out of those roles. We wanted to craft the next generation of leaders and make sure that all that experience and knowledge was passed down. We knew CYP could be a great way to assist in that transition.”

CYP's mission is to “create a platform for young professionals to build relationships, develop professionally, become politically and philanthropically active, and contribute to the economic development and high quality of living in our community.”

CYP has meetings on the first working Wednesday of each month in the offices of the Clarksville Chamber of Commerce. Usually, fifteen to twenty people or more will show up, depending on the time of year, the speaker, and the topic.

“We invite local leaders and aspiring leaders to join us,” Streetman said. “We have some really inspiring mentors and role models in this group, making CYP a great way to learn about leadership and volunteer opportunities in our community.”

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