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26th Annual Veterans Day Breakfast

Clarksville Area Chamber of Commerce recently hosted its 26th Annual Veterans Day Breakfast at APSU's Morgan University Center with Keynote Speaker, Lt. Gen. Ronald Bailey, USMC (Ret.).

Lt. Gen. Bailey, who now serves as APSU's Vice President of External Affairs, had the audience spellbound as he walked around the room with a wireless microphone, sharing his thoughts on the meaning of Veterans Day. He asked veterans from America's historic engagements to stand and be recognized. One of the men in the room, Gil Brashears, fought in the Korean War.

Additional speakers at the event included “Interview a Veteran” essay contest winners, Nolan Woollen and Regan Oakley. Kiwanis Club of Clarksville's Ron Smithfield is chairman of the group's Memories of Service & Sacrifice Committee.

Smithfield introduced the young speakers. Woollen, a 6th grader, spoke about how his dad, Nicholas, has taught him to be a better citizen. Ending his essay with, “ … he has taught me to be a polite young man, as well as a good mentor in my class. Dad says to 'lead by example, and let your actions speak louder than your words.' As he pushes me forward in life, I know without a doubt, he has influenced me to be a better citizen.”

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