CYP Spotlight: Kaitlyn Bonds

Being an “influencer” is something that’s recently risen in the vernacular of American culture, especially with the constant use of social media that so heavily impacts the trends around us. And while some might hope to become a social media influencer to further their careers and boost their following, 31 year-old Kaitlyn Bonds uses her personal social media time to promote the fun, unique businesses of the Clarksville community she’s grown to love as her own since moving here in 2007. As a woman whose professional life is centered on growing the community through her work as a Realtor and the Director of Social Media Engagement with Coldwell Banker Conroy, Marable & Holleman, her hobbies and her career path seem perfectly in alignment, making her all the more successful in understanding the needs of the clients she works with and giving her greater passion to effect a change in the lives of the people around her.

“In my career, I meet new people everyday and have the opportunity to touch them in a positive way as they start new chapters in their lives through purchasing or selling a home. Having the opportunity to walk that journey with them is amazing. I also work with an incredible company that does a lot in the community to help those in need,” Bonds says. “In that way, the opportunity to help others in my career goes way beyond representing my clients, and I love all the opportunities I have to make a difference,” she goes on.

As a social media specialist, Bonds has a keen eye for recognizing how and when to capture attention, which makes her especially effective in inciting community growth and economic progress. “As a Realtor in Clarksville, I’m able to use my voice and the voice of the Clarksville Association of Realtors to stand behind Clarksville as we continue to grow, effecting positive changes and pushing development to better the lives of those who live in our community,” she explains.

Even with so much going on virtually, real-time networking is still a crucial tool in forging her career, and joining Clarksville Young Professionals has given her the opportunity she needs to do just that. “As a young professional, you don’t always have a clear view of your career path, but organizations like CYP provide an engaging and nurturing atmosphere for young professionals to network, further their careers, and grow as leaders and members of the community,” she says. “Being a member is a great way to surround yourself with other professionals and learn different points of view, and that’s important to becoming a greater success.”