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Home Time

The way you function at home is largely affected by the way your home functions, but if you can’t relax and enjoy your surroundings because something is in disrepair or just doesn’t feel comfortable because of lack of flow, an outdated appearance, or even a lack of energy efficiency, all of that makes home—a place that SHOULD be your sanctuary—somewhere you dread coming. Unfortunately, getting everything in order or whipping it all back into shape isn’t something that most people are equipped to do on their own. They can’t repair the leaky roof or add on the sunroom they’ve always dreamed of having—which is where Curtis Merrell and his team at Merrell Home Improvement come in to save the day.

Offering everything from foundation repairs to roofing and everything in between, Merrell knows the ins and outs of every square inch of a home; and clients have been coming to him for his expertise for all things home repair and renovation since 1989, knowing that he can handle it all and complete the project on time, on budget, and with the highest quality of workmanship. Whether they want additions, sunrooms, DrySpace vinyl screen rooms, traditional screen rooms, patio covers, decking, composite decks, remodeling services, siding replacement, installation of vinyl or composite windows, or any of the other various specialties that Merrell provides his clients, the people of Clarksville know that his is a company synonymous with excellence—and their home will benefit from his expert touch. “Most people need me when they want to update or improve their home, to repair an issue or prevent future repairs, to add energy efficiency, or simply when they want to make their outdoor living spaces and the time they spend at home more enjoyable and relaxing,” Merrell says. So relax and let the experts handle the hassle, then come home to a place you love again.

Merrell Home Improvement is located at 445 Alfred Thun Road, Clarksville, Tennessee 37040. For more information, call (866) 647-7316 or visit

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