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Get Your Mind Out of the Clutter

We all have them: the junk drawers crammed to overflowing with odds and ends that have become almost unidentifiable without forensic assistance…the closets stuffed to the point of suffocation with clothes that went out of style so long ago that now they’re back in again or that we’re going to fit into again—one of these days, when we finally reach the goal weight…the garages that haven’t been able to hold a car since we moved into the house ten years ago…Whatever it is, wherever it is, we’re all guilty of having those spaces that really have no rhyme or reason for being, that we’ll get around to organizing ONE DAY, when we have the time or the wherewithal to deal with them. But most people don’t ever actually manage to do it as it can feel like too much of a hassle to fit into our everyday lives that are already too crammed full of things to take on one more task that could take a back seat to something more important.

Really, though, all that clutter and disorganization isn’t healthy. It’s a source of stress, and countless scientific studies have proven it. Even when you’re not consciously aware of it, that state of disarray is a toxic presence that’s sucking the joy out of your life. It’s keeping you mired down in stuff and needlessly holding onto the past, and shedding it all will not only clean up your space—it’ll help you feel like you’ve gone to a spa and gotten detoxed from the outside in.

Which is where Stephanie Belanger of S3 by Steph (Simple Systematic Spaces, hence the S-cubed) comes in. Using her wicked skills to come in and “detox” her clients’ spaces, Belanger is a veritable magician, an unbiased eye who can walk into a room and assess the situation to understand what needs to happen and how to accomplish it in a way that is maintainable for her clients. And boy, does the sight of clutter energize her.

"I love decluttering... creating order from chaos gets me excited!" - Stephanie Belanger

“I love decluttering!” laughs the former Canada native, who moved to Clarksville in 2015. Encouraged by her family and friends to tap into her talent for turning madness into order, she launched S3 in early 2018 and has been decluttering the locals ever since. “I love finding new ways to make spaces increasingly functional, which ultimately allows my clients to have the time to do the things they love. A lot of people simply don’t have the time, the inclination, or the skill set to implement systems for keeping order in their homes or offices; but creating order from chaos gets me excited!” she goes on.

Offering her services to assist with clutter management, downsizing, space planning, and the overall organization of any necessary area as well as home staging and the endless tasks of packing and unpacking related to moving in or out of a home, Belanger also offers guidance by designing personalized ‘do it yourself’ action plans for her clients to follow on their own. “My mission is to relieve stress by being of service to anyone wanting to establish and preserve order as well as increasing functionality in their spaces,” she says. From chaos to order, she’s cleaning up her community, one space at a time.

For more information on S3 by Steph, call (931) 553-3360 or visit

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