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Community Repair

Whether you’re the owner of a home or a business, the structure you occupy says a lot about you—your place in life, the pride you take in your company or your family, all of it. It’s one of the most important investments you can make, and keeping it looking its best is one of the ways you communicate the priority you place on making the most of that investment. From the quality of the paint on the exterior to the shingles on your roof and even the seals on your windows and around your doorways, all of it affects the way you function in your space and the level of pride you feel you can take in it. It’s more than simple aesthetics, although that certainly plays a role in sending the kind of message you want to relay to people. It’s about feeling accomplished in where you are—at home or at work—and the way that creates a happier, healthier environment for you and the ones you love.

From residential to industrial and commercial clients, Peterson Properties, LLC in Clarksville is a company that takes care of every last detail, from new construction contracting services to cleanup and restoration projects after a major mishap or disaster. No matter the seeming “insignificance” of the job, the team of licensed pros who wield the paintbrushes, heft the beams, and seal in the windows to complete the missions they have on the books take particular pride in what they do, knowing that they’re not just doing a job—they’re making a difference that their clients will come home to each and every day.

“We got tired of seeing the people in our community get taken advantage of by ‘fly-by-night’ contractors who are not local and don’t know the area and don’t feel any connection to the people they work for, so we decided to start a female-owned construction company that would be different—one that actually takes pride in our work,” says Heidi Mangnall, who co-owns the company she helped found in 2009. “We love working with our local community; and our employees are all military-affiliated, so we pride ourselves on serving those who serve our country,” Mangnall continues. “In all that we do, whether it’s repairing a home after a storm has damaged it or getting a house up-to-date and ready to put on the market for one of our clients, our goal is to put our customers at ease in knowing that the job is being done right by people who care and at a fair price.”

Reflective of that—especially with regard to their desire to serve the military community and other government employees—Peterson offers discounted rates for military personnel as well as city and county workers. Clearly, Peterson Properties, LLC is in the business for more than just the profits. They’re in it for the way it builds their community—literally and figuratively. And from small fixes to major repairs, they’re doing just that, one house and one business at a time.

Peterson Properties, LLC is located at 301 College Street Suite B, Clarksville, Tennessee 37040. For more information, call (931) 980-1760 or visit

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