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Bella Med Spa Open House

The team at Bella Medical Spa had a very busy day recently as they hosted their annual Fall Open House.

Dr David Boles, Owner/Physician, talked about some of the services offered at the popular spa which has operated in Clarksville since 2005.

“We offer lots of non-surgical procedures,” Dr. Boles said. “Our goal is to offer everything that can help the skin look younger and better without surgery. We do laser treatments, skin tightening treatments with ultrasound-type devices, water-assisted liposuction, facials, peels, and massage. We even do genital rejuvenation, so we provide a broad spectrum of services, and we sell many skin care products.”

Throughout the day, the spa had a steady flow of visitors, and the phones never seemed to stop ringing.

Kelsey Harvey took a well-deserved break from the phone to talk about the event. “We do this every year,” Harvey said. “It's typically the best pricing of the year on all of our services. It's a pre-pay event, so our clients come in and pay for future services. It's also a good day for education. Our Product and Service Reps attend this event, so they, as well as our providers, were present to answer questions about all that we offer.”

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