A Community Closer

With so many people working in the real estate business all across America, it can be hard to differentiate between them all and find one major thing that sets one apart from the rest. After all, the process of buying or selling a house is a pretty cut-and-dried deal, and working with one is the same as working with any other—right?


Depending on the person with whom you’re working, you can have an experience that completely sours you on the whole deal—making it a true ordeal that requires some time to get over and recover from—or one that’s a pleasurable and fulfilling moment in your life’s journey. That one person holding the title of Realtor can ease the process along and make you feel heard, make you feel like your needs are being taken care of, but it takes the right person to do that, with the right focus and the right passions in place—to see you as more than just another client, another commission to add to the books, another listing deal to wrap up.

For longtime Realtor Mark Holleman, being that person is part of what drives him—well, that and the chocolate that’s admittedly one of his guilty pleasures. A fourth generation real estate agent, Holleman’s goal has always been not only to work with clients in the Clarksville area as they sought out the perfect home or to offer them his expertise in the selling process, but also to truly grow his community in ways that reached far beyond the simple purview of real estate.

A passionate lover of people who follows the time-honored principle of the Golden Rule, one might say that Holleman has seen both sides of the line in people’s treatment in one another and the ways that it affects the rest of the world. A former reserve policeman who served for eight years, the Realtor has certainly witnessed far more than most people have, but his belief in the simple goodness of people and his desire to serve help in as many ways as possible has never wavered. Nor has his commitment to the community, and it’s plain to see from the sheer amount of involvement he has in local organizations as well as in creating outreach opportunities of his own that it’s more than just the real estate market that gets in Holleman’s head—and his heart.

In fact, in addition to his team of talented Realtors at the firm, Holleman is part of another team, showing his spirited support of the remarkable kids of the Buddy Ball Special Needs Athletic League and taking them through downtown Clarksville on his very own trolley during the Clarksville Christmas Parade. And he puts the trolley in gear again during his all-men’s shopping trips, taking fifty-plus men to a local retail store to shop and then to dinner as part of a fundraising effort to raise money for underprivileged children in the area. Obviously, paying it forward in the community he loves is a theme here; and he shares that passion with the people with whom he works, engendering a love of Clarksville and all it has to offer by getting out there and showing it off, to the point of taking his agents on regular outings for lunch and then to a local point of interest or an historic site in or around Clarksville. Simple though it might be, it’s proven to be effective in teaching his agents just what makes Clarksville unlike anywhere else—and that, by extension, translates to the clients, showing them how special a place this is so that they truly feel welcomed home when they close on the purchase of a house.

Another of Holleman’s passion projects is working toward the completion of the Greenway that runs from one end of town to the other along the bank of the Cumberland River. No small task to undertake, his efforts for the project have resulted in much needed grant money used to purchase plots of land crucial to the completion of the Greenway for his fellow community members to enjoy. “My goal is to do my part to continue to improve Clarksville so that our kids don't want to leave and doing my best to make Clarksville a better place to live,” Holleman says.

With so much love for his community, it’s no wonder that Holleman is so successful in his career. He’s all heart—and that’s what closes the deal.

Coldwell Banker Conroy, Marable & Holleman is located at 111 S. Riverside Dr, Clarksville, Tennessee 37040. For more information, call (931) 552-1700 or visit www.markholleman.com.