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Tails of the Trail

Lisa Thomas of Nashville-based Tails of the Trail was in town recently to pair shelter dogs with some caring local folks and lead them all on a walk around Liberty Park.

The non-profit group began in Nashville in May, 2015 as a Community Outreach program. The group partners with local animal shelters and rescues to organize hiking events.

“Our mission is to exercise and socialize homeless dogs, reducing stress and euthanasia rates while increasing community awareness and adoptions,” Thomas said. “We also transport shelter dogs out of state to the Midwest and Northeast. Middle Tennessee has an overpopulation problem because of its relaxed spay/neuter laws. Sadly, shelters are at capacity, which over-stresses the dogs.”

For this event, “Tails” partnered with Montgomery County Animal Control and the Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinic at Centerstone.

The Liberty Park hike had 15 dogs walking with 26 participants. Thomas says there will be another event in October.

“We try to do this every month,” Thomas said. “We started events in Clarksville two years ago, and our calendar is on under Tails of the Trail. We are a non-profit, so we greatly appreciate financial contributions, and of course, our volunteers. We have facilitated more than 570 adoptions since 2015.

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