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Partners in Education Appreciation Breakfast

Anthony Johnson, Director of Community Relations and Continuous Improvement for the Clarksville Montgomery County School System, spoke about the recent Partners in Education Appreciation Breakfast that was held at Wilma Rudolph Event Center.

“The Partners in Education (PIE) program is under the umbrella of CMCSS,” Johnson said. “Starting this year, it's under the leadership of CMCSS's Education Foundation, which is a non-profit organization that supports the school system.”

Johnson says the goal of the annual event is to celebrate and recognize the local business and community partners who do so much for CMCSS students.

“At this event, we bring those community partners together with school representatives, teachers and principals, and thank them for all they do to support public education,” Johnson said. “We take the time to honor these special partnerships by presenting Partner Awards, the recipients of which have been nominated by the schools for their outstanding work.”

Several awards were presented. Among them, this year's Corporate Partner Award went to to Premier Medical Group, STEM Partner of the Year to Clarksvile Street Department, and the Sarah Ditmore Cooper Outstanding Partner Award to F & M Bank.

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