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Grand Opening of The Copper Petal

Megan and Luke Baggett recently celebrated the grand opening of their business, The Copper Petal, a fashion boutique on Franklin Street.

“We've been open for about a month, but we waned to do something fun for our existing customers and to invite new customers,” said Megan Baggett, who describes the boutique as a fun, welcoming environment for everyone. The boutique offer sizes from Tween to 3XL. All the items offered at the store are fun with a trendy feel, and there is a great selection of boutique styles that are popular now.”.

“We have custom shirts as well,” Baggett said. “We already have our unique 'Clarksville' and 'Gov' shirts. We are in the process of creating shirts for every high school in Clarksville/Montgomery County as well.

“This first month has been awesome. We have had tremendous support, and we are super excited for the rest of the year, and Christmas, and everything to come.”

Luke Baggett gave a short background on the couple's journey to their own Franklin Street shop.

“When Megan and I were first dating, she opened the Copper Petal online,” said Luke Baggett. “That was two years ago,” he said “We got married in March and one of her major goals was to have a brick and mortar store. We were in Miss Lucille's for a little over a year, and now we're very excited to be open in downtown Clarksville.”

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