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Fort Defiance Sevier Days

Fort Defiance recently hosted its annual Sevier Days, a look at life in Clarksville prior to the Civil War, complete with reenactors and historical demonstrations.

“This is our 7th annual celebration of Sevier Days, which is named for Valentine Sevier, one of the first settlers in the area,” Historical Interpreter William Parker said. “I know Fort Defiance is sometimes pigeon-holed as a Civil War site, but that was only four years of its history. People inhabited this area for generations before that. So we're trying to celebrate that part of our history, the pre-Civil War era.”

The Saturday event drew lots of curious visitors, young and old, who were engaged in the demonstrations and eager to ask questions.

“We are focusing on the wares of the late 18th century,” Parker said. “We have a blacksmith, a flint knapper who makes arrowheads and spearheads, and a woodworker. It's a great insight into how things were done more than 200 years ago.”

Other vignettes featured a woman demonstrating the operation of a loom, some Native American reenactors, some frontiersman doing the ever-popular flintlock musket firing demonstration, and an informative and entertaining performance by Gerard Cortese and Katherine Bolcar on drum and fife.

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