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Fine Fettle

Michael and Regina Hampton of The Food Initiative recently hosted the annual Fine Fettle, a farm-to-table tasting event that brings out the area's most talented chefs to show off their finest creations to more than 200 guests.

“We had chefs from Nashville and Clarksville, and there were six different establishments represented with main courses at this event,” said Michael Hampton. “Local restaurants provided appetizers and desserts and some local breweries were upstairs with a great selection of beers.

Everything served at this event represented the best in locally-sourced food and drink. All were made with local meats, produce and other ingredients raised in middle Tennessee.”

Hampton says the Food Initiative Farm is doing well. It continues to grow food which helps to feed Clarksville's food-insecure, while teaching students the day-to-day operation of an actual farm.

“We are still in production mode,” Hampton said. “We'll be winding down in the next couple of months. We have wrapped up our summer youth program and they've all gone back to school. So, now we have opportunities for field trips and small groups to come out and tour the farm as well as to work along side us and learn.”

Information about The Food Initiative may be found at

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