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Annual Wine Tasting

Staying in-the-know when it comes to politics can be a tricky thing; but in today’s world, it’s increasingly important to be politically savvy—especially when you’re a woman. We have a rising need to know our rights and to offer our voices, and it’s organizations like the Red River Republican Women’s Club that make navigating the confusion a bit less challenging—and a lot more fun. Hosting candidates for elected offices to speak to their voters about the concerns of the community and forge a more personal connection, the RRRWC’s annual Wine Tasting and Membership event brought together more than 130 guests to hear the words of Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn, Congresswoman Joni Ernst of Iowa, Senator Mark Green, Tennessee Gubernatorial Candidate Bill Lee, Representative Curtis Johnson, Representative Jay Reedy, and Clarksville Mayor Candidate Bill Summers.

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