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Tried-N-True Pro Wrestling: The Last Stand

More than 1,000 wrestling fans recently found their way to the Wilma Rudolph Event Center for Tried-N-True Wrestling's event, The Last Stand.

Eric Lehman spoke about the event. “The Last Stand is one of our three TNT professional wrestling matches that we've held here at WREC this year. the fans really enjoy it.”

Fans were lined up around the building to get into the popular event which always brings highly talented performers to Clarksville.

“We had a standing-room-only crowd,,” Lehman said. “They came to see some wonderful talent-- Road Warrior Animal, along with some former WWE stars and other big names were in the ring. We even had someone who came in from Mexico City to wrestle at our event.”

Lehman added that they expected between 1,100 and 1,200 fans for this event.. People may get more information at Tried-N-True Academy, on Facebook, or at, “We are proud to bring such a great source of entertainment to the people of Clarksville,” said Lehman.

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